1. We recognize only 13 ways to win at regular bingo: (5) Vertical Rows, (5) Horizontal Rows, (2) Diagonal Rows, and Four (4) Corners.
  2. It is the responsibility of each person having Bingo to make sure the CALLER hears you.
  3. The last number called must be on the sheet, or in the computer of the person calling Bingo.
  4. There is only one prize per game – including the Jackpot.
  5. The Jerusalem Connection reserves the right to reduce prize amounts in instances when attendance is 100 persons or less.
  6. $100.00 is the maximum that can be awarded on all games except the Jackpot, and Progressive games.
  7. A One Thousand Dollar ($1000.00) Jackpot is guaranteed if attendance permits.
  8. The Jerusalem Connection reserves the right to withhold any prize if cheating is suspected.
  9. In the case of tied, prizes will be split.
  10. Children under the age of ten (10) are not permitted in the Bingo Hall. Children ten (10) and older are allowed in the Bingo Hall ONLY if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian and are playing Bingo.
  11. There will be no admissions once the Second Half has started.
  12. The winner of the Double Action bingo game will be selected to open up the Treasure Chest raffle game.
  13. Player Club Points may be collected and redeemed only at the charity’s game for which he or she received the points.
  14. Bingo Manager reserves the right to add a game to the session program at his/her discretion.
  15. Management does not permit the stacking of chairs at any time, in any place, or by any person.
  16. 50/50 Quickies start at the Game Manager’s Discretion.
  17. If there are more than 10 winners on any game the game manager reserves the right to replay the game.
  18. NO SHARING OF PLAYER PAPER OR MACHINES: Every player may only play when he/she has purchased. A Receipt must accompany every machine and paper pack.
  19. Drawings are available to all players using their Pop’s Frequent Player Card at time of purchase.
  20. A bingo ball is not considered “called” until the bingo caller removed that ball from the monitor, calls the ball & places the ball into the calling machine console.
  21. Lucky 7, Great 8, Big 9 Progressives: The Lucky 7, Great 8, and Big 9 Progressives begin at $500 each with 16 balls or fewer needed to win the progressive prize. The amount of each game increases by up to $100 and 1 (one) ball count each time the game is played and there is no progressive winner.